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Agüimes festivals

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Agüimes is a town with a lot of activities throughout the year,the town has very popular religious celebrations as well as other activities such as the" theater festival of three continents".

Here you can find some useful information about popular celebrations and aproximate dates. 

  • Varada del pescado (The Beached Fish) August
  • La fiesta del gofio ( The Gofio Party) September
  • La fiesta del Pino ( The Pino Party) September
  • La fiesta del Rosario (The Rosario Festival) October
  • Festival de teatro tres continentes Villa de Agüimes (Three Continents Theater Festival Villa de Agüimes) October
  • Auto de los Reyes Magos (The Three Kings Parade) January
  • Festival de narración oral cuenta con Agüimes (Oral Narration Festival Count with Agüimes) February
  • San Sebastián ( Sebastian Saint) February
  • Carnaval (Carnival) February
  • Procesiones de Semana Santa, escenificaciones religiosas populares (Easter Week Prossesion, Popular Religious Escenifications) April
  • Muestra de arte en la calle (Street Art Show) 2nd Sunday of each month
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